Why I am getting response codes?

  • HTTP 200 Ok - Successful request made. No errors.
  • HTTP 400 Bad Request - Invalid API request. ( i.e. a required parameter was missing or contained an invalid parameter value.
  • HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED - Missing API token, invalid API token, or request limit exceed.
  • HTTP 403 Forbidden - API key invalid or missing.
  • HTTP Not Found - The API endpoint does not exist.
  • HTTP 500 Internal Server Error - An unexpected error condition occurred. (Please contact support if you see this error message. Provide the conditions under which this error occurred, and what you were doing at the time.)
  • HTTP 503 Service Unavailable - The API service is down for temporary maintenance. Try again in a while.

Why am I limited to usage?

  • Basic Plan - is limited to 10,000 API calls per day.
  • Premium Plan - is limited to 100,000 API calls per day.
  • Please contact Campbells if more usage is needed.