API Overview


Information is empowering. The more information readers have the better choices they can make. That’s why we’re opening our kitchen cupboards and making our recipes available to developers through Campbell’s Kitchen APIs – so you have all the ingredients you need to create smart and easier ways for your readers to make choices that are right for them.

As a Developer, you can build creative search-based recipe and product applications for web, mobile, and tablet devices. The Campbell’s Kitchen API provides easy access for those wishing to add recipe content to their website, mobile or desktop applications.

Integrating our recipes and products into your website, mobile, device or desktop application is simple and easy to learn:

  1. Activate your unique API token (key)
  2. Read the API documentation
  3. Add recipes/products to your app
  4. Bring our recipes to your readers

Using the Campbell’s API, your reader can:


Our philosophy is to preserve backwards-compatibility as the API grows and changes over time. We understand that we have a responsibility to developers and partners so that changes to the API do not break the work they have already invested into developing for this platform. That is why we will have the following approach with regard to versioning.

The previous versions of the APIs have been replaced by separate product and recipe APIs. The new APIs are similar to the old API, but contain updates like support for recent Nutrition Facts panel changes. The previous API is still available at the same URI and will remain there until it is decomissioned on 12/1/2018.