Campbell's Kitchen Developers

All the ingredients you'll need to get cooking

Campbell’s Kitchen is all about sharing information. In our case, that information includes thousands of recipes using brands like Campbell’s, Swanson®, Pace®, Prego® & Pepperidge Farm® – brands people love and trust, and use every day. The easier they can find those recipes, the less time they have to spend worrying about what to make for dinner.

That’s why we’re sharing our information with you through this API – so that more developers have the ingredients they need to build smart and simple ways to help people get the dinner and entertaining ideas they’re looking for.


  • Access to thousands of proven family favorite recipes
  • Extensive recipe filtering by key ingredients, product UPC, keywords and more
  • Professional food photography
  • Reader-generated recipe reviews & comments
  • Recipe search results through superior tagging
  • Well-known food brands people know and trust


  • Enhance websites with related recipes & delicious looking photographs
  • Create food-related apps ( for websites and the latest and greatest devices and toys) and helpful shopping and cooking tools
  • Augment social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google +
  • Raise visibility for your brand
  • Drive more traffic to your site and gain new readers from a wider audience
  • The sky’s the limit